Wow! What dogs, the new app that encourages adoption

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Wow! What dogs, the new app that encourages adoption

You already know that in our website we are in favor of adoption, because there are many animals that are sacrificed every year and with this practice it could be avoided. That is why we love talking about new alternatives to encourage adoption, such as Wow! What dogs, a new app that “promotes” adoption.

Surely you are a little surprised, so if you want to know more about this new app, do not miss this article. We have not come up with a better way to do it than interviewing the creator of this great initiative.

Everything about Wow! What dogs, counted from its creator

To find out more about this app we have compiled the answers of Darío López Padial, a 25-year-old young man from Granada, Spain, who is the creator of it.

Question: Why do you think this app is necessary?

Answer: Of course. If you enter any social network you will see that animal shelters and protectors have too much to do. Wow! Which dogs allow them to “promote” their puppies in a more comfortable way with one click.

Question: How does the app work?

Answer: This is an app that users and protectors can use. The protectors will be able to put photos of their puppies and classify them into three categories: lost, abandoned or found. Users can then search and filter the type of dog, the color, the city, the area, etc.

Question: Wow, it looks great, but how does it spread?

Answer: Every time a dog is added to the app, it automatically appears on the Twitter and Facebook pages of Wow! What dogs. In addition, it can be shared as many times as you want, so the spread can be even greater.

Actually, when I created it, I didn’t think it had so many daily downloads and that it was so well received by users. It is likely that if this continues, we may soon include cats and other pets.

Question: What is your feeling for creating an app that helps animals?

Answer: It is a good feeling, although I am never sure if an animal has been adopted or not thanks to my app. However, I receive letters and emails that thank me for my work and the dedicated effort, that really encourages me!

Question: Why do you think that precisely in Spain more adoptions of animals are needed?

Answer: Although I am sad to say it, it is my country, Spain is one of the European countries where there are more animal abandonments. And this is not something that cannot be stopped. For example, in the Netherlands there are no stray dogs or reports of abandonment. I think wow! What dogs can contribute their grain of sand to eradicate this common evil.

Question: Have you achieved what you expected with this app?

Answer: That is a difficult question, because you never know what is the use of an app that can reach anywhere in the world and that can be used by anyone. The difficult thing is to get everyone to understand what it is for and know how to use it. Although there are not many associations of animals that are taking it seriously, it seems that this number is gradually increasing. We have to wait.

Question: Only Android or iOS?

Answer: For now only Android. Apple still does not make things very easy for app developers and force them to use their products as well as pay to keep the app. This does not mean that we will not do it for Apple, but we will have to wait to see its acceptance.

Well, Darío’s case teaches us that wanting is power and that although abandonment is a very big evil, each one of us can do a little of our part to avoid it and help foster adoption. And you already have Wow! What dogs? Download it!

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