You can control the Boston Dynamics dog robot with a PlayStation command!

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You can control the Boston Dynamics dog robot with a PlayStation command!
Boston Dynamics Robot dog is extremely famous. We have been track for many months, even when he began to put on sale, or when he opened the doors at the beginning, resisting the push -ups of humans.

The fact is that it is still the protagonist of the media, and now the responsible is the startup formant, based in San Francisco.

They have created a technology that allows you to remote a robot dog from home, using a PlayStation command, as if it were a game. They offered an example to the CNET media, where a reporter tells her experience in the first person.

We just have to open the Internet browser and have a stable Internet connection. In the demonstration we see how software allows you to control a wide variety of robots, from submarine drones to automated guided vehicles. In this case, Spot is the first robot that can browse the world reliably in an unstructured environment.

Cnet Lexy Savvides reporter took the Robot dog from more than a kilometer away, in her living room, using a playstation controller to drive it through a park in San Francisco. A human manipulator was next to her all the time, just in case.

The Robot dog went on sale for more than $ 70,000 earlier this year and has been used on oil platforms, construction sites and even hospitals during the ongoing pandemic.

Those who wish to live the experience, can fill in a form on the website in Formant, since the company is looking to try its software in children and others, which are not particularly interested in technology.

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